Rexona Women Antiperspirant Deodorant Anti-Bacterial 150ml


A subtle, sweet fragrance with a hint of spice
24-hour antiperspirant protection keeps you confidently fresh and dry
Apply a few strokes to washed and dried armpits
Wait a minute, get dressed and go.
Protects your style.
Impeccably To be applied on your underarms
Keeps you (and your shirts) feeling clean and fresh.



Rexona is the World’s No. 1 Deodorant Brand. Rexona underarm roll-ons are specially designed to prevent odour from sweat + bacteria and helps you smell clean and protected all day. … We sweat all over our body but less than 1% of the sweat which our body normally produces comes from the underarms.
Rexona won’t let you down. Thanks to the unique technology developed by Unilever scientists, which releases extra protection when you need it most, you can be certain Rexona will keep you feeling fresh all day.
Our research and development experts know that men and women have very different demands when it comes to deodorants. That’s why we’ve developed products to meet their individual needs.
Our proprietary body-responsive technology means Rexona can sense when your body needs extra protection – and provide it on cue. In fact, Rexona scientists discovered that there’s a difference between the way your body produces sweat when you’re hot, and the way you start sweating when you’re stressed or anxious. Rexona is designed to deliver anti-perspirant protection on both counts.
And with our No White Marks technology, your clothes will stay looking as fresh as you’ll feel. Rexona was the first brand to introduce its Crystal range – deodorants which go on completely clear, eliminating the white marks aerosols and sticks can leave on dark clothes.

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