Rexona Men Cobalt Dry Roll-On Anti – Perspirant 50ml

  • Roll-on deodorant for men
  • Features MotionSense Technology – releases fresh fragrance in response to active movement
  • Helps you stay cool and fresh
  • Long lasting effect – 48 hours sweat and odor control
  • Antiperspirant formula – prevents sweat and moisture
  • Travel friendly and easy to use



While sweating is healthy for human body, issues such as excessive moisture and bad odor can create a problem. Men looking to perform confidently with people around them need to take care of it. Try Rexona’s Men Cobalt Dry Roll-On Antiperspirant. It protects you from sweat and odor before your body begins perspiration. Rexona Men Cobalt Dry protects you for up to 48 hours, ensuring a long lasting effect of its powerful antiperspirant formula. It also features motion-sense technology, which works to ensure you stay fresh with every move you make. The antiperspirant deodorant comes in a handy packaging, you can keep it in your gym or office bag and carry it with you.

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