Dark and LovelyBeautiful Beginnings No-Lye Relaxer Kit Fine Hair

Dark and Lovely

Dark And Lovely Beautiful Beginnings No-Lye Relaxer Kit Fine Hair is expertly made with aloe vera and coconut oil to protect your child’s hair during the relaxing process. Also comes with a neutralising shampoo and an oil moisturiser.



Easy mix. Safer relaxing. 1. No more mistakes! With patented No-Mistake Technology, you get optimal measuring and easy mixing every time. 2. More oils, more care: Aloe vera and coconut oil infused in a cuddling oil moisturiser to end the relaxing process with optimal nutrition. 3. Healthy straight hair! Curly, frizzy dull hair turned into beautiful straight hair: Silky-straight & healthy-looking! And for beautiful hair every day, discover our new maintenance line! SoftSheen-Carson Laboratories. Advanced research African hair and skin. Just for you! Now with cuddling oil moisturiser at the final step! Old kit. New kit. Protect her scalp! Dark and Lovely®, Beautiful Beginnings®, scalp protective gel, 10 ml, protective her scalp! Mix and relax! Dark and Lovely®, Beautiful Beginnings®, 2A no-lye relaxer cream, 236 ml. SoftSheen-Carson, Dark and Lovely®, Beautiful Beginnings®, 2B activator cream, 10 ml, mix relaxer & activator! Wash relaxer off! With colour indicator, Dark and Lovely®, Beautiful Beginnings® neutralising conditioning shampoo. Pamper her hair! SoftSheen-Carson, Dark and Lovely®, Beautiful Beginnings®, cuddling oil moisturiser, 7.5 ml, everyday moisture & shine! 1. Scalp protective gel sachets 2 x 10 ml. 2. No-lye relaxing cream & activator 236 ml/sachets 2 x 10 ml. 3. Neutralising shampoo 60 ml. 4. Cuddling oil moisturiser sachets 2 x 7.5 ml. [email protected]. www.loreal.co.za. Consumer Advisory Service: 0861 106 542 South Africa only. ©2013 Made and Printed in South Africa. This product complies with European Union and South African health regulations. The United States Food and Drug Administration regulations being different, importing, distributing or selling this product in the United States of America is prohibited by law. Softsheen-Carson and its affiliate companies will not be responsible for any losses or penalties imposed. Additionally, sellers in the United States of America will be liable for model’s publicity rights.

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Dark and Lovely